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Overseas Market Manager

Position Requirements:

1.Sell the company’s translation services through telephone calls, attending conferences, e-mails, social media, and client visits;

2.Record clients and order information meticulously;

3.Perform preliminary analysis of projects, including project difficulty, and the estimated completion time;.

4.Perform simple checks on all completed documents before they are sent to the client;

5.Timely follow up on completed projects, and collect customer feedback

6.signing orders with clients and collecting payments;

7.Complete daily work journals, record and summarize issues encountered, and timely submit to your department leader;

8.Complete other work-related tasks assigned by a superior.

Position Qualifications:

1.An undergraduate degree or above in a foreign language study, sales, or a geology-related science or engineering program;

2.Minimum one year of related work experience;

3.Foreigners with a valid work visa have hiring priority;

4.Must be able to independently complete translation project sales, follow-ups, and interviews;

5.Excellent speaking and writing abilities (Chinese and at least one more foreign language);

6.Have an optimistic personality, be able to work cooperatively in a team, and have good communication skills;

7.Familiar with office software;

8.Must be hard-working, patient, and responsible.

Project Manager

Position Responsibilities

1.Receive translation projects, coordinate project details, create a plan to carry out the project based on its needs, organize and enact project plans, supervisor the project process, and provide feedback on the result

2.Appraise project type and difficulty, pair it with appropriate translation resources, plan project allocation, and ensure that projects are completed on-time while ensuring quality; Analyze projects and effectively handle their translation while ensuring optimal quality, working time, and costs, and help with document composition

3.Keep track of translator available, and improve translation resources

4.Quickly appraise documents and verify completion

5.Provide feedback on translator performance, assist resource managers complete work related to translators.

6.Organize and participate in training and company events, improve your working ability, and deliver work reports.

Position Requirements

1. Undergraduate degree or higher in English, management, or a related subject. TEM 8 or higher required;

2.1-3 years or more of work experience, with at least a half year or more work experience in translation or management;

3.Familiar with TRADOS or other CAT translation software;

4.Applicants with QA experience in translation companies or the software localization industry will take priority;

5Outstanding leadership and group coordination ability.

Project Department Leader

Position Responsibilities

1.Responsible for overall management of the proofreading department, ensuring the stable operation of projects, and provide support for the sales department;

2.Construct and improve a proofreading and QA team; train and improve proofreading department staff;

3.Be familiar with the operation process of translation companies and boasts outstanding operational and management skills, planning the long-term development of the department;

4.Organize, coordinate, and allocate work projects;

5.Rationally, effectively solve problems according to availability of company resources;

6.Carry out regular staff training sessions;

7.Follow developments in the translation industry, come up with updated plans and put them into practices..

Position requirements:

1.Undergraduate degree or higher in English, management, or a related subject. TEM 8 or higher required;

2.3 years or more of work experience, with at least a half year or more work experience in translation or management;

3.Familiar with TRADOS or other CAT translation software;

4.Applicants with QA experience in translation companies or the software localization industry will take priority;

5.Outstanding leadership and group coordination ability;

6.Must be able to professionally supervise translation projects.

Workforce Manager

Position Responsibilities:

1.Develop domestic and overseas translation staff, receive resumes and build a translator database, improve talent pool, recommend translators, send and receive translator aptitude tests;

2.Manage translation staff, carry out and regularly update appraisals of translation staff;

3.Assign qualified translators according to project needs to ensure high-quality, timely completion;

4.Connect with domestic and foreign translation companies and promote mutually beneficial long-term cooperation.

Position requirements

1.Mastery of Office software, especially Excel;

2.Those with strong analytical abilities, and experience with data analysis or translation project management receive priority;

3.Responsible, earnest, meticulous, well-ordered;

4.Those with relevant work experience will receive a higher salary;

Full-Time Translator

Position Responsibilities

1.Complete translation tasks according to project needs on-time while ensuring quality, including but not limited to translation and proofreading;

2.Perform proofreading according to related standards, ensure document quality;

3.Update languge resources, build and improve a database of professional terms, write and edit company training documents;

4.Organize and participate in company training sessions, improve your personal translation skills;

5.Responsible for receiving and inspecting translator appraisal tests assigned by the resource manager, assist with resource management development tasks;

6.Perform arbitration and quality investigation on quality feedback documents, help project managers handle feedback documents, and complete QA work.

Position Requirements

1.Proficient in Chinese and English, able to translate between Chinese and English;

2.Applicants with TEM8 (or equivalent) take priority;

3.Applicants with 2nd-grade translatation certification or higher take priority;

4.Over 100,000 characters or more of translation experience;

5.Applicants familiar with geology, mining, energy, law, and other such professions take priority. Must be able to accurately understand translation resources and translate them in a standard, fluid, proficient manner. Applicants proficient in CAT, such as TRADOS, take priority;

6.Before hiring, applicants must write a translator aptitude test. Only applicants who pass this test will be considered.

Assistant Program Manager

Position Responsibilities

1.Responsible for managing the list of the company’s current translation projects, and providing translation project management services for our clients;

2.Coordinate full-time and part-time translation staff, professional resources, and others in the process of organizing translation projects while ensuring project work is operating on schedule;

3.Track the progress of translation projects and perform quality control, supervision, and feedback.

Position Qualifications:

1.Undergraduate degree or higher;

2.Applicants with a degree in geology, mining, English, or other related subjects given priority;

3.Applicants with related internship or work experience given priority;

4.Good English proficiency;

5.Familiar with office software.


Position Responsibilities:

1.Improve document composition before and after translation;

2.Responsible for work involving tables and other such inserts;

3.Coordinate with other staff members to make progress on documents such that document composition will be completed on time;

4.Responsible for all work involving document composition;

5.Complete all other work assigned by a superior.

Position requirement

1.Proficient in Office software;

2.Familiar with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Foundertype, CAD, Mapgis, and other such software;

3.Strong communication ability;

4.Able to ensure timeliness and quality to meet project needs;

5.Hardworking, responsible, patient;

6.Applicants with one year or more experience with composition and design, proofreading, or English translation given priority.

Native Language Proofreader

Position Responsibilities:

1.Revise, correct and appraise translated documents;

2.Translate between Chinese and English;

3.Write and appraise translator appraisal tests;

4.Train translation staff;

5.Organize and manage external events, conduct advertising events targetted towards foreigners;

6.Receive and translate for foreign visitors;

7.Assist with speaking, translating, and writing training.

Position Qualifications:

1.Must be a native speaker of a language other than Chinese with a valid work visa;

2.Can indepently complete proofreading of translated documents, analyse them, resolve any issues, and submit reports;

3.Must be able to accurately, authentically, fluidly, and freely express themselves in Chinese and other languages;

4.Ideal candidates come from a culturally diverse background, are familiar with language rules and cultural connotations;

5.Must have already be proficient in, or can quickly learn to be proficient in several professions, such as geology, mining, energy, mechanics, civil engineering, IT, chemistry, trade, finance, law, etc.

6.Able to independently, accurately, authentically translate, and revise translated documents to reach quality standards set by our company and our clients;

7.Must be willing to take responsibility for organizing, managing, and translating events targetting towards foreigners;

8.Familiar with office software, as well as using, composing, and translating different document types.

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