Wuhan University| Suntrans Campus Recruitment Talk is about to Start!

  On the morning of October 19, 2017, Dr. Lu Guo, CEO of Suntrans will make a speech at the Suntrans Campus Recruitment Talk in Wuhan University. If you are confused about the future, and career planning, come and join the Talk. Dr. Lu will illuminate you.

  Date: 09:00—12:00, 19, Oct. 2017

  Place: Faculty of Arts and Sciences B137 meeting room of School of Economics and Management

  Speaker: Dr. Lu Guo, CEO of Suntrans

  Subject: Suntrans Campus Recruitment Talk——the entrepreneurship and employment road of a Postdoctor of Peking University

  Contact: Lu Guo 13311203631

  In 2014, Premier Li Keqiang put forward the initiative of "Public Entrepreneurship and Innovation". Under this background, many students try to start a business but other students haven’t realized the importance of entrepreneurship and been unemployment upon graduation.

  Many of them have to face a series of employment problems and some of them even stuck in the abyss of suffering since then. In addition, many of the undergraduates, masters and doctors also suffered a lot of frustration when they left school for starting a business. Which of the choice is best for you? Preparing for the application of master, PhD, overseas studying, or working or starting a business? All your questions around these topics will be answered by Dr. Lu Guo. From nothing to something, from a small company to a famous brand, Suntrans now has become a leading brand in the field of geology and mineral translation. Dr. Lu Guo will exchange ideas with you basing on his own studying, working, and business starting experience, and the problems you are facing.

  Speaker Dr. Lu Guo

  Dr. Lu Guo, CEO of Beijing Suntrans Language Translation Co., Ltd., CEO of New York Suntrans Mining Consulting LLC., PhD in Mineralogy, Petrology and Mineral Deposits from China University of Geosciences (Beijing), visiting PhD candidate at Miami University in the USA, Postdoc from Peking University. He previously worked for the largest mining company in the world BHP Billiton and for China Geological Survey.

  His team has participated in compiling and translating a series of mining and geological books; and his team has been providing translation services for a number of international mining conferences. Besides he once has been interviewed or reported by CCTV,ABC, Uganda Television (NT), New Vision, Daily Monitor, Mirror in Africa and China Land and Resources News.Besides, he has ever provided geological and mining translation and interpretation services in various countries and districts such as Canada, USA, Uganda, Hongkong, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka participated in a number of major international mining acquisitions.

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