Association between Strong Entities | China Translation Association Invited Dr. Lu Guo to Make a Rep

  According to the needs of high-level translation talents for the construction along the way of "Belt and Road", and the requirements of further enhancing the construction of application-oriented translation teachers in colleges and universities, China Translation Association, National Steering Committee for Translation Professional Degree Postgraduate Education, Teaching and Research Group of Higher Translation Education of Ministry of Education, and Transn will jointly hold "2017 Training Class for High-end Application-oriented Translation Teachers in Colleges and Universities of China". As a guest speaker, Dr. Lu Guo, who has been invited to participate in the training conference for the second time, will make an international translation training report for MTI Translation Master of National College of Foreign Languages.


  Dr. Lu Guo led Chinese investigation group to Africa.


  Dr. Lu Guo negotiated with Mr. William, lawyer of president at the scene of Ugandan government.In the conference, Dr. Lu Guo will elaborate in detail on the topics of the necessity and urgency of translation internationalization, the opportunities that the "Belt and Road" initiative brought to translation market, the internationalization path of translation services——the design of deep vertical business model (for example, the United States, Canada, Uganda, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka), translation service international team construction and talent training suggestions, and the impact of machine translation on the internationalization of translation services and its implementation cases, etc., on the basis of his own entrepreneurial experience in China and abroad, and his interpretation services experience in more than 20 countries.


  Dr. Lu Guo provided interpretation to Mr. Edward, vice president of Uganda.


  Dr. Lu Guo from Suntrans provided interpretation for director negotiation of the World Bank in Oct., 2014.

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