Written Translation

We offer translation services in multiple languages for:  technical reports (including detailed geological exploration reports, mineral exploration design reports, feasibility study reports, resource reserves reports, mining environment and safety evaluation reports, mining investment analysis reports, mine survey reports, etc.), mining laws and regulations, exploration licenses, bidding documents and bids, contracts, technincal manuals, industry specifications, etc.


Interpreting Services

We provide interpretation services for: on-site geological investigations and surveys, travelling clients, and international business negotiations, as well as both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for conferences.


Fields of Translation

We are involved in over 40 professional fields including geology, mining, petroleum, energy, chemistry, environmental studies, biology, agriculture, construction, transportation, computers, automobiles, medicine, trade, law, finance, literature, etc.



We offer translation services in more than 70 languages including: English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Mongolian, India, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, and more.

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