Throughout our years of providing translation services across different industries, Suntrans has accumulated a great deal of industry knowledge, extensive experience in consulting, a large number of clients, and created a vast network of talented people covering many specializations. In addition to providing you with translation services, we can also provide various additional services such as organizing exhibitions, investment and financing consultation, and industry-specific talent acquisition. With our 10 years of experience, you can put your trust in us!


Mining Consulting

We are dedicated to providing customers with up-to-date information and consulting services for mining, mineral exploration,

investment, and financing projects. Our

professional consultants graduated from

many top schools, including the University of California, University of Miami, China

University of Geosciences, University of

Mining and Technology and Peking

University. We provide a comprehensive

resolution program for our domestic and

international customers.



& Exhibitions

We have successfully held three forums,

promoting the development of domestic and foreign mining investment

enterprises. Each of our forums attracted great attention and won overwhelming

praise. Enterprises who participate in

our events can utilize the variety of

information channels we provide to

advertise their product, promote their

brand and build their company image.

Enterprises can also use these venues to

learn about the latest products and

industry trends.


Talent Acquisition

We have established a network of

over a thousand experienced

professionals with a wide array of

specializations. We can connect you

to top-tier talent, including

well-known industry experts,

scholars, and professors in the fields of geology, mining, economics, and more.


“One Belt, One Road”

Chamber of Commerce

The countries surrounding China's new

"One Belt, One Road" initiative have

made a number of achievements. In 2015, Chinese enterprises directly invested in 49 countries involved in the initiative, leading to a net investment growth of

18.2%. Lots of great investment

opportunities remain,including many in

mining, gas, and energy. Let Suntrans

help you seize these opportunities.  

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